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I need a vacation, from the kids summer vacation!?

It is awesome to be able to have the kids home and spend time with them (well maybe not that much). But, we get tired from their summer vacation?! right? I mean, I have active pre-teens running around the house, like caged rabid dogs, fighting and picking at each other, throwing attitude every moment and to whoever they can, whining about "I'm boreeddd??!"  and "Everything is a disaster!?!"-- drives me crazy!? Nothing entertains this almost teen kids, my Jesus?!

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Kids and technology 

Why is it so scary to see my kids growing up on me, becoming teenagers? Is a fact, that times are simply different now, technology has brought many risks, and there's so much accessible information too. Yet, I'm sure my parents felt the same fears I do now, during their era there was no internet, but danger always existed regardless.

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Junk Mail

It was one of those days, ran errands fairly early, but my constant nightmare looked at me straight at the face as soon as I walked in the door later that morning. I probably looked like my ice cream fell off my cone... trying to get rid of mail is like trying to bag flies. The mail clutter as much as you think you're handling it, it just keeps growing-- well at least that's how it is in my house-- is so unavoidable.