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Why do some people have such big entitlement egos? What do they truly gain out of it? Other than getting their way and what they so think they deserve?

It’s nauseating to be around someone like that, having to wait on all their needs, don’t you agree? Many times I wonder what truly goes on their mind. What kind of a culture did they grew up and taught them the notion that is ok to be that kind of a human being.

Like they’re the king of the world. 

I have seen entitlement manifest –as a full-on adult tantrum (like a child, ungodly), in a cynical way, like… passive aggressive, in a suave refined way, and the most disturbed, turning into a complete ugly angry yelling beast.

The moments when they display themselves that way, I truly believe, they are careless of anybody else, other that themselves (hmm? they’re showing a bit of narcissism there too). If it doesn’t go their way –they might lose their vertical hold (ay nanita, watch out).  Their needs have to be fulfill, they put the responsibility of their happiness on every one else. Without considering how damaging it is to the rest of us, and in the long run they don’t realize how detrimental it will be for themselves as well –mentally, emotionally,  and by the people they might lose due to their character.

And believe me when I say, I’m not judging or labeling, I’m just throwing my thoughts out there. Heck, maybe you, like me, are analyzing my words, and think “Could I have symptoms of entitlement too, hmm?” … maybe we all have a trace of it.

But, I sincerely think, in their due time, they’ll come to see they need help to rectify their personality issues.

It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to. Has power over you. If you allow it. 

Any thoughts, would like to hear them, leave your comments. 🙂

Have a bless day. ❤

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