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It was one of those days, ran errands fairly early, but my constant nightmare looked at me straight at the face as soon as I walked in the door later that morning. I probably looked like my ice cream fell off my cone… trying to get rid of mail is like trying to bag flies. The mail clutter as much as you think you’re handling it, it just keeps growing– well at least that’s how it is in my house— is unavoidable.

I took on the difficult task of going through every piece of mail, and any other papers in the clutter. And then it dawn on me, I know there is a way to help minimize this problem, I just have to remember it. And, I did, after searching on the internet and through my books– I was sure I had seen something somewhere to help get rid of my problem. Of course, I knew it wasn’t going to help me much with the obvious present situation, but eventually it would.

Therefore, I hope the information I’m sharing here, helps someone too.

Getting rid of all the junk mail

This will help cut down a lot of those unwanted and annoying pre-approved credit card and insurance junk that arrives in your mailbox. Call this automated number 1-888-567-8688, and follow the instructions or go to this site –

Next one, these will help stop about 75% of all the national mailings arriving at your address. You can send a postcard to —  

Direct Marketing Association, P.O. Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512

or  check these websites out for the same result–  and

I used the opt out site, and I personally use the Catalog choice site, both super easy to do in minutes. For Catalog Choice, you have to sign up, once in, search for the name(s) of companies that you don’t want junk from– such as the electric company mailings that arrive trying to get you to sign up with them –search their name, and fill out the site form, voila, catalog choice does the rest. Make sure you do it for each family member that receives junk mail, both on the opt out and on dma or catalog choice.

Now after you have done both, it will take a couple of months to start taking effect, but it will. It will not stop everything, but it will reduce it enormously. Lastly, I gotta let you know, that if you move to a new address, you have to do this all over again, or the junk mail will start reappearing with your new address (and that’s how I forgot about it– hence the mail clutter I have to live with (sigh)).

I’m so glad I remember there was such a thing, I just had to go searching for it. Can’t wait for this next couple of months to go by so I can see results, and I don’t have to see junk in my mailbox anymore, and so my husband finally stops accepting every pre-approved credit card junk that comes in the mail… OMG?! that is terrible! dios ayudanos?!

Have a bless day ❤

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