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Kids and technology 

Why is it so scary to see my kids growing up on me, becoming teenagers? Is a fact, that times are simply different now, technology has brought many risks, and there’s so much accessible information too. Yet, I’m sure my parents felt the same fears I do now, during their era there was no internet, but danger always existed regardless.

I was a very quiet teenager, easy sailing for my parents, but I did have my moments of crisis on the road to learning about myself, and finding where I wanted to go. But back then there was no internet, my parents didn’t have that the added side of technology to worry about.

Technology has open many doors in society, to make our life easier, but it can easily complicate it. There is many dangers and risks lurking in today’s technology. For one, teens can easily get hooked to their devices and social media —I for one have been fighting this frustrating problem with my oldest.  The lack of awareness in this area of technology addiction, simply spawns from the normality of the problem, not been able to differentiate between excessive use, or dependency.  And the biggest issue, I believe, is teenagers are still immature, which takes them to discover strong emotions that develop from the extreme use of technology. As a parent paying attention, and conveying a good example, is vital.

We as parents should be able to observe if there is a misuse of devices, such as these–

  • Bad grades at school.
  • Less communication with the family.
  • Sudden changes emotionally.
  • Showing anger when devices are taken away.
  • Use of their phone/device on inappropriate moments– during dinner, family time, or homework time.
  • Misuse of device during late night hours.

We as parents, can change all these, by giving the necessary attention to our kids/teens. Through communication, and by limiting time for device use. This communication can be convey with–

  • Respect for sports, play, study, and sleep times.
  • Limiting the time for device use.
  • Amount of time giving for educational device use.
  • Parental controls.
  • Not using devices on the table– breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • By showing interest in technology.

Plus, us having access to their devices is important, since there is dangers lurking within the internet and social media, we need to know if they’ve encounter cyber-bullying or not, or if they’re publicly too accessible that they can fall prey to other dangers, and last, we don’t know the type of internet material they’re finding, watching and learning.

But, apart from all this, most importantly is communication, talking to our kids, and making them aware of the dangers. Talking about the changes and consequences that will be applied, having their approval, and propose other options to pass their time, reading, walking/bicycle riding, music, etc., that takes us into a trusting communication with our kids. We should discipline, but be just, never shame them, do not give them consequences that have nothing to do with their negative actions, but limit the consequences too, and have more conversations to impart solutions.

My fears will always be there, the world out there is scary, and the addition of technology, and all that comes with it, makes it worse. But what I have written above, is beginning to help me and my kids to safely use technology, and hopefully it helps you too. I can tell you that making changes is not easy– kids don’t make it easy–is a process. On that account, I’m recommending this App which has been great since I installed it on my phone and my kids devices, it has help me make this process just a bit easier.



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  1. I have a 10 year old who loves loves loves video games. As long as he is in at least one extra curricular activity (usually a sport/something active) and has good grades, I let him play with minimal regulated time frames. Homework must be done, dinner must be consumed, chores must be done. He spends a great deal of his time outside when it isn’t football season and practice isn’t taking over his life. But I absolutely agree with your post. Monitor what they are doing on the internet! Even if they hate it. And when you are WITH people, eating dinner or just hanging out, put your tablets and cellphones AWAY!!!

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