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Two beauty product discoveries to die for…

Shopping for beauty products that work (on me) is a pain. I’m not one to be into the beauty game, but I look endlessly and get it done because I wouldn’t want something awful to use, my face and my skin will —hopefully–thank me someday.

I really don’t have a whole beauty system or regime, and I go most days without make up, unless of course I need it… you know those days when I get in front of a mirror and I scare myself… anyway (lol). I do try to find great products that will work surprisingly good on me. Once in a while I get my hands on beauty samples, that give me a chance to find those products… that I will either hate or like, or love.

Well, I found two products I tried recently, that fall on the love mark.

I was lucky enough to grab hold of quite a few free beauty samples, that I have been trying for weeks now. I found samples that smell amazing and were quite good. Others on the other hand didn’t work so good on me. Regardless I kept going through all of them, and then jackpot! I almost die and went to heaven when I discover this two products; and then I use them together…Whoa! I got more than I can say grace over.

So, let me show you my two exciting discoveries…. (Well, 3 really…)

beauty product discovery
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser |Belif Aqua Bomb |Sephora Precision Pore Cleansing Pad

These products worked amazing to say the least, for me.

Face Cleanser used it along with the Cleansing pad, which is genius. I tend to usually feel my face get dry with other cleanser/scrubs. This Cleanser feels really nice and gently cleans my face, leaves it feeling clean, fresh, very soft, skin tone looks better, brighter and polish looking. Amazing! You don’t even have to have make-up to remove with this cleanser, like I said I hardly wear any, I still use the cleanser, and to remove make-up it’s perfect.

The aqua bomb  along with the Face cleanser described above really is something else…is a winner combination ladies (at best it is to me). I have combination/oily skin, and I love these cream from the moment I dab it on my face, it felt so different to other products I’ve used that didn’t help my combination skin. I notice it was instantly lightweight, not thick and heavy like others, and refreshingly hydrating. My skin felt so soft and supple, alive!

I’m in love with this cleanser and cream combo!

I was lucky enough to used them together, and it’s definitely a big Winner for me! Can’t wait to be able to buy full size of these two products.

What are your amazing beauty discoveries or favorite products? 

Have a bless day 🙂