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The Teenager Phase

What is up with my kids? or is it just me? They suddenly change into this little unrecognizable flippant and sassy monsters (don’t get me wrong, love them; they’re beautiful, very smart, and do great in school and public, I am proud). 


My kiddos are now 14 and 12 (uff where has time gone?!), and suddenly their attitudes are on high, nasty defiance, ill tempers, and unwillingness to do their part with chores. I could already sense something was brewing with my youngest, way before she turned 12 (but come on!? I thought we had a little bit longer!?), and with my oldest it has been building up into this ungodly turning point. Oh! but they want to be glued to their devices or video games all day! (Big sigh)

Now, I have to quickly change my strategies and rules, for this sudden rotten mood I have out of the blue been surrounded with… to tell you the truth, I feel lost myself. I have to come to grips with what is happening. I thought all of that was under control by the rules already set at home, and it was going to be smooth sailing. But, this little world of mine has just done a complete 360!

But also, my husband has joined them! He has suddenly become this horrible rude, and grouchy man; that I don’t know how to deal with…

What is happening??

Without warning, I feel surrounded, by ungrateful, whiny, demanding, flammable (yes, their attitude and mood is), unkind, and unfamiliar family.

Or is it just me?

Have a bless day!

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