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My Blog is over a year old?!

Can’t believe over a year ago I started this blog. Although, I have been away quite a bit and not continuously posting on my blog (that’s an understatement huh?), I’m still here behind scenes reading others posts, writing and editing small posts, that I can’t seem to finish, so I could maybe, just maybe, bring you a new post. My little world gets a little upside down, has been challenging to keep up, specially when my blog is still a secret from family and friends too. As long as there is no support from them, my blog will be very privately mine and my readers.

Over a year ago… I needed something for myself, something to call my own… and although my first thought was— I can make money with my blog (I desperately needed to make money at that time, and still do, anyway)… this blog mainly became my way of expressing myself, in any way I wished. I’ve let my thoughts, feelings, up and downs, my excitement, fears, anger, my doubts, and disappointment come flowing on this blog… regardless of my one or few followers (which I hoped we could relate). Never thought I would keep posting (like ever?!) but, here I am, over a year later from my first blog post, and I haven’t cancel or close down the blog… hooray for me! And quite a few followers too! To whom I am very appreciative are still following me, in spite the fact that I rarely post.

My advice to other new bloggers, or who want to start a blog… don’t be scare, that is the one reason I stopped myself every time for years… FEAR — to not been able to write correctly, to comparing my blog to others, to not having followers. DON’T — do not worry about any of that… just do it, let it flow, and be you.

Thank you WordPress for making it easier for me to blog.

And thank you to my followers and readers for staying patiently around.

I’m so glad I’m still sticking around myself.

Here’s my first blog, check it out.

God bless.