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I’ve become invisible

I have realized that when I talk, nobody answers me or acknowledges me, every body is talking over me without one single look my way. I have become invisible to my family. My husband doesn’t talk to me anymore (he’s sick of methis right of his mouth); my kids don’t see or talk to me either, and they only answer me (hardly) with monosyllabic sounds. My son will only complete a sentence to ask me for something he wants, and my daughter keeps me in a permanently silent war, the reason… unknown. The one person that worries me, and scares me is my husband, the kids at the end of the day are teenagers, heighten by hormones, just incomprehensible. But, my husband, is different, he definitely does not see me anymore. Everything I do is wrong in his eyes, thinks that I’m at his disposal and his fads, when he dictates it; beyond that I do not exist.

I feel lost, I have a hunch that there might actually be something wrong with me, what is my defect? I feel ashamed feeling so insignificant, so unappreciated, and mistreated at all hours, to be only disregarded, instead of love, understanding, and attention.

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Have a bless day.