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My Blog is over a year old?!

Can't believe over a year ago I started this blog. Although, I have been away quite a bit and not continuously posting on my blog (that's an understatement huh?), I'm still here behind scenes reading others posts, writing and editing small posts, that I can't seem to finish, so I could maybe, just maybe, bring… Continue reading My Blog is over a year old?!

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Mid-Life Crisis?

I was reading online about the Mid-Life Crisis on 40-year-old women. I'm a couple of weeks away of my birthday, and suddenly I was relating to what I was reading; is it true that when you get to this phase in life you come to a pause and reflection time, like reaching this stage in… Continue reading Mid-Life Crisis?

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Two beauty product discoveries to die for…

Shopping for beauty products that work (on me) is a pain. I'm not one to be into the beauty game, but I look endlessly and get it done because I wouldn't want something awful to use, my face and my skin will --hopefully--thank me someday. I really don't have a whole beauty system or regime, and I… Continue reading Two beauty product discoveries to die for…