A Messy Mom

Two kinds of people exist-- the organized¹ and the messy ones², and I'm the latter... I'm a messy mom and I need to change it, that is my goal. I can not give up. Since I can remember, growing up, that first idea was put in my head-- A place for everything and everything in its… Continue reading A Messy Mom


The holidays are hard

Hello everyone. It has been a while since I do a blog post. I have been under the weather a bit. Mostly mentally and emotionally. I do everything in my power to avoid the blues, but as soon as Thanksgiving starts getting closer everything jumps to another level of stress and anguish. It's that time… Continue reading The holidays are hard

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Good Crazy Days

I was managing my blog pretty well, at least I thought so, until a few weeks after my kids started school!  I started substituting for the year, and also keeping up with my freelance job at home, and then now all the fun busy Marching Band activities for parents, to raise money for our kids has started too.… Continue reading Good Crazy Days


What Internet?

What am I going to write rant about today? -sigh- My internet is just plain awful!!? Yes, I'm pitching my complaint to my internet service on this post (AT&T ??). One year and half , I've had to endure this horrendous, faulty and unreliable internet service. Techs after Techs coming to my home, on phone calls, or… Continue reading What Internet?

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Special Post

Hey everyone, I usually have a weekly post, todays' is different and days earlier. If you're are in the U.S you must know about the devastating effect Houston, TX is enduring right now because of Hurricane Harvey. If you are unaware you can read the latest here. Is heartbreaking to see, Texas is my state… Continue reading Special Post

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I need a vacation, from the kids summer vacation!?

Summer vacation came and now its almost gone--woohoo! It is awesome to be able to have the kids home and spend time with them (well maybe not that much). But, we get tired from their summer vacation?! right? I mean, I have active pre-teens running around the house, like caged rabid dogs, fighting and picking at… Continue reading I need a vacation, from the kids summer vacation!?

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Kids and technology 

Why is it so scary to see my kids growing up on me, becoming teenagers? Is a fact, that times are simply different now, technology has brought many risks, and there's so much accessible information too. Yet, I'm sure my parents felt the same fears I do now, during their era there was no internet,… Continue reading Kids and technology