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I’ve become invisible

I have realized that when I talk, nobody answers me or acknowledges me, every body is talking over me without one single look my way. I have become invisible to my family. My husband doesn't talk to me anymore (he's sick of me... this right of his mouth); my kids don't see or talk to… Continue reading I’ve become invisible


My husband is a jerk…

Hello everybody, I have involuntarily stayed away too long. I apologize. I wish I could really do this more often. But, today brings me back because I really (really) need to pour out all my exasperation, disappointment, and irritation at my current situation. I'll try to keep it short, I don't want to bore ya… Continue reading My husband is a jerk…

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An open letter

Open Letter to a husband: I've said it before, clearly I'm getting misunderstood. If you’re acting out, being grouchy and sour, negative and with a foul mood, and a complete asshole to the kids and myself—then take it somewhere else, and don't drag us to your ugliness. Do it by yourself and to yourself, because… Continue reading An open letter